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Updating Your Garage Door: 3 Ways It Could Benefit You

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When maintaining the look and functionality of your home, your garage door can often be forgotten. As one of the first things that you and your guests see when entering your property, making sure it’s in good working order and looking up to date. This is an underrated way of improving the overall look of your home. Here we explain three reasons why updating your garage door could benefit you.

1. Security

One of the most beneficial factors of updating your garage door is the improved safety it adds to your home. Older garage doors run the risk of being a target for intruders. The Metropolitan Police state that hinges that look like they could be easily removed, or flimsy garage locks, are elements considered by thieves. By improving the quality your goods will be more protected; a thief met with a robust door is likely to be put off by the challenge. If you have an internal door within your garage which leads into your home, a sturdier garage door could also prevent intruders from going one step further and invading your home. If you don’t want a complete garage overhaul, then you should at least repair any damage. You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t lock their garage at night, but this may be due to broken of faulty locks. Having a professional replace these will restore your own peace of mind.

2. Aesthetics

Why not make your house the best one on the street with a new garage door? Old garage doors can make your home look unkempt, which could reflect badly on homeowners. In a variety of colours and designs, installing a new garage door can transform the exterior of your home. By matching it to the colour of your front door, you’ll have a more fluid aesthetic and overall better impression of where you live. You’ll also reduce the amount of maintenance your garage needs, and time spent touching up flaking paint can be put to better use. Additionally, if you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, a good quality garage door can add value to your property. Kerb appeal is crucial for attracting new buyers, and a new garage door could be the first step in drawing them in.

3. Functionality

If your garage door is getting old it can become difficult to operate. New fittings will make it easier to use and offer a quieter solution; if you use your garage to store your car, then you don’t want to be disturbing those around you early in the morning or late at night. You can also make your home more energy efficient with the addition of a insulated garage door, or simply, one that is better fitted and can fill the spaces where cold air can pour in. Consequently, your garage will become warmer giving you more options as to how you use it; if you haven’t considered it before, perhaps turning your garage into a playroom or utility room would suit your lifestyle. The improved installation will also stop any goods from becoming damage as a result of the temperature.

How can we help?

If your garage door isn’t working as it should, or you fancy something new, then A Group Anglia can help. Based across Lowestoft, Norwich and Ipswich we’ve become one of the most highly recommended home security companies in the area. Get in touch today for professional advice or to arrange a free survey.

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Anglia Garage Door Repairs

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