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After a long day at work or a gruelling afternoon at the gym, there’s no better feeling than cruising up the driveway, gliding into your garage and powering down the engine before settling in for the evening. Whether it’s the front door to your home or the opening to your garage, doorways are designed to offer a smooth and speedy entrance and exit for the user. However, as with most things, occasional malfunctions are inevitable.

If you own a garage, it’s highly likely you’ll have come up against an obstacle or two in the past. After all, even the most robust appliances are subject to wear and tear. From adverse weather conditions to the strains that come with frequent usage, it’s fair to say that garage doors have a lot to contend with in their lifetime and with this in mind, the occasional blip is unavoidable.

Whilst we’re all aware that there may come a time when our garage doors simply break down, this doesn’t make the situation any less stressful when it presents itself (especially as these issues usually crop up when we’re in a hurry to leave or return to our properties). Whatever style of garage door you have, mechanical (or technological) faults usually occur at the most inopportune times and are rarely straightforward to fix. However, having the right information at your fingertips could be the key to diagnosing the problem, giving you an idea of what action to take next.

To help you decipher what the issue is, we’ve noted some of the most common problems that a garage door is likely to experience at one time or another along with what you may be able to do to rectify the situation.

Unusual noises 

Although this is somewhat dependent on the style of garage door you own, a high-quality, modern garage door should open and close with relative ease. If you’re noticing creaking, squeaking or grinding noises when entering or exiting your garage, this usually indicates that lubrication is needed.

Any machine that relies on moving parts is likely to become stiff with excessive use, so it’s important to apply lubrication to the affected areas when you notice unusual noises being emitted. To prevent these problems from arising, hinges, springs, rollers and tracks should be lubricated every three months as a general rule whereas the rail only requires treatment once a year. However, be sure to refer to your user’s manual for this information as there may be specific guidelines.

Another reason for a noisy garage door could be that the rollers and/or cables are worn and need replacing, in which case, a garage door specialist should be contacted. Although this may be a job you can tackle yourself, it’s always advisable to call in a professional to guarantee the process runs smoothly. Further to this, many companies that have garage doors for sale will stock the manufacturer’s parts to match your garage door, ensuring your door has exactly what it needs to function.

Faulty operator 

If you have an automated garage door that is failing to open or close, this could be a sign that there is an issue with the operator rather than the door itself. The operating system can wear out with excessive usage and with this in mind, this problem is usually nothing to worry about.

This may seem obvious but if you use a remote control to operate your garage doors, check the batteries and perhaps replace them to see if this makes a difference. If not, check the photo-eyes. These are located on either side of the door about six inches above the ground and if they sense any obstructions, these sensors will prevent the garage door from closing. The sensors are relatively sensitive and can also become misaligned over time, causing your garage door to malfunction. Firstly, check that the sensors are clean and if not, gently wipe them down as this could be the culprit.

If you don’t have any luck with this, refer to your manual to see if there’s any guidance on how to realign your photo-eyes. If this doesn’t help, it may be time to get a second opinion from a garage door specialist. When you’re unsure of what you’re doing, efforts to fix problems can end up exacerbating them and with this in mind, it’s always advisable to err on the side of caution by liaising with a professional in the business.

However, before doing this, it’s worth trying the classic ‘turn it on and off’ trick to see if this produces any results. Also, double check that the system is properly plugged in and that there’s a power supply as something as simple as this could indeed be the root of the issue.

Damaged weather sealant 

This is an extremely common problem that is highly likely to occur with time. Even the smallest crack in the sealant can allow for both air and rain leaks, putting your entire garage at risk. Luckily, the solution is very simple. Firstly, the damaged sealant must be removed and a fresh sealant must then be applied. This will likely be available at a local hardware shop and will come with specific instructions on how to approach the task.

Broken springs 

If your garage door opens a fraction before immediately closing, this is likely to mean that one or more of the springs are broken. The springs are there to make your door light enough for you to lift (or to be lifted by the automated opener) so when they become damaged or broken, this is likely to restrict entrance or exit. Springs can last anywhere from 4-9 years, however, the lifespan can vary depending on the garage and how much it’s used.

Another classic sign that your springs have given up the ghost is the loud and distinctive banging sound they make when they break. If you hear this, it usually only means one thing and these springs need to be substituted in order for your garage to start functioning as normal.

If you suspect that you’re in need of some new springs, it may be an idea to get in touch with your garage door supplier for some replacements. At A Group Anglia, we stock a wide range of spare parts and accessories, ensuring that whatever your garage door needs, we’ve got it covered. Our repair service involves an expert diagnosis of the problem as well as the right solution to get your garage door back in full working order.

A Group Anglia: accomplished locksmiths that also specialise in security gates, automatic gates and garage doors 

At A Group Anglia, we aim to cover all bases when it comes to security. Whether you’d like a brand new garage door at home or window grilles for your business, we can supply, fit and repair a wide range of products to make your property that little bit safer.

When it comes to garage doors, all our models are of the highest quality and sold at a reasonable price and all our products come with the option of automation for your convenience. From simple roll up garage doors to space-saving sectional doors, our selection is varied to guarantee that you find the right style for your property.

As garage door specialists, we are able to quickly diagnose even the most complex of issues and upon discovering the root of the problem, we promise to restore your garage back to its former glory in a timely and professional manner.

To discuss garage door prices or repairs with a member of our team, contact us today and get your garage into shipshape with A Group Anglia.

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